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Waiting for Sign-off

An all too real, recurring nightmare that surely, at some point soon, somebody in power will finally learn from. But until then, this torturous process keeps happening… Advertisements

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Why Did I Read the Daily Mail Comments? (A Poem)

  I have made a mistake. For a show of mine, I decided to read a review online And then like a fool (have you done it too?) I scrolled … Continue reading

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The Internal Monologue of a TV Freelancer

EVERY DAY DURING PRODUCTION: I did not go to university for a career that ever requires setting my alarm for 5 a.m. I need to leave telly. Crap, these are the jeans without … Continue reading

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The Annual Employment Cycle of a TV Researcher

January Funemployed! No one’s hiring in January so you can play out with your other telly friends, except Jules who’s annoyingly sticking to Dry Jan so won’t be invited anywhere this month (even … Continue reading

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Rent a Minority!

Does this scathing website finally offer a solution for all our TV diversity needs? Check out brainchild of @ArwaM Hopefully we’ll all recognise it as a spoof site, exposing the … Continue reading

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QUIZ: How Much Has Your TV Career Damaged You?

Work in Telly? Take our handy 7 question quiz to find out the terminal tolls this career may have already taken on you: 1. The filming dates have been changed and so … Continue reading

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A Word to the TV Wannabes

Despite my job as a casting AP relying on people wanting to be on TV, I cannot stand to be in a room with people who want to be on TV. … Continue reading

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