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QUIZ: How Much Has Your TV Career Damaged You?

Fragile head in boxWork in Telly? Take our handy 7 question quiz to find out the terminal tolls this career may have already taken on you:

1. The filming dates have been changed and so you have to cancel a planned holiday with friends. How do your friends react?
A) They’re disappointed but understanding.
B) They roll their eyes; it’s not the first time you’ve had to cancel at short notice.
C) You can’t find your friends; they actually left for the holiday yesterday and didn’t bother to tell you.

2. You are involved in a car accident and bleeding heavily. What are you doing as the paramedics arrive?
A) Keeping pressure on your wound while phoning your mum.
B) Giving elaborate handover notes over the phone to a bewildered researcher who irritatingly keeps trying to ask if you’ve been hurt in the accident.
C) Trying to get back into your car to drop off the latest scripts at the studio en route to the hospital.

3. You are late for a night at the cinema. What is the reason?
A) You just lost track of time.
B) A work emergency came up and no one was able to leave on time.
C) You were technically able to leave work, but spent half an hour in the bathroom trying to calm down from the guilt of leaving on time.

4. It’s January 31st. How do you feel?
A) Relieved. It’s the last day of Dry January. Wino Wednesdays can recommence from tomorrow.
B) Hopeful. January’s always quiet on the job front, and the post Christmas bank balance is enough for you to consider a sideline working as an escort.
C) Stressed! Why isn’t the self-assessment tax-return form in English?!! Next year I will note down what receipts are for as I go along. Next year I will note down what receipts are for as I go along. Next year…

5. Congratulations, you’ve gotten engaged! Who do you tell first?
A) You head straight to your parents with your fiancé(e) so you can tell them face to face.
B) You call your best* mate. Your best mate is now the AP you were most recently working with, since you haven’t had time to see your actual best mate since last year.
C) You pause the proposal dinner to email the production manager from your next project to check filming dates so you can find a convenient wedding window.

6. You spot a favourite celebrity a few tables across in a restaurant. How do you react?
A) Take a discreet selfie and watch the Facebook likes roll in.
B) Ignore them and beg your non-telly friends to also play it cool.
C) Head over, air kiss, and offer to post back the underwear they’d left at your place.

7. There is a fire at the production office. Why do you run back into the building?
A) The edit runner hasn’t come out of the server room yet.
B) You forgot to bring the plush goodie bag from last night’s awards out with you.
C) The rushes! Always get the rushes!!


Mostly As: Hardly damaged
Congratulations! You have survived relatively unscathed (so far) and are one of the rare individuals who have achieved work-life balance. Tell the truth though, do you actually work in TV? Further reading for you; follow these tips to avoid getting jaded in the future.

Mostly Bs: Moderately damaged
It’s time to heed the warning signs. There’s no doubt you’ve become a TV type but you are not yet too far gone. Try to reverse the damage by spending sufficient time outside of the media world and start taking lunch breaks. Further reading for you; here are the signs you’re turning into too much of a media luvvie.

Mostly Cs: Irreparably damaged
You seem to have sold your soul in exchange for a long shot at a BAFTA. Sorry, there is no turning back for you, the industry has changed you for good. You will never be able to watch a TV show in the same way. Further reading for you; these notes are for anyone considering a career change.

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(Image by photographer David Goehring)



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