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Waiting for Sign-off

An all too real, recurring nightmare that surely, at some point soon, somebody in power will finally learn from. But until then, this torturous process keeps happening…

3 months before filming

Researcher: I’ve found this place, Option A, which looks perfect for filming. I’ve also attached Options B, C and D in case it’s not right.

Arrow 1

2.5 months before filming

Researcher: Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?…

Arrow 5

2 months before filming

Exec: “Have you started looking for anywhere to film yet?”

Researcher: “Yes, I’ve found that place I emailed you, Option A, please have a look.”

Arrow 6

1.5 months before filming

Researcher: Have you had a chance to look at that possible place to film in, Option A?

Exec: No. I will try to look today. [Answers mobile phone and disappears]

Arrow 1

1 month before filming

Exec: “Option A isn’t right. We need something a bit less like Option A. You need to find somewhere else.

Researcher: “Yes, here are Options B, C, and D…”

Arrow 9

3 Weeks before filming

Exec: I’ve shown Option C to the commissioner, they’re not keen, they’ve described something a bit like Option A.

Researcher: Have they seen Option A?

Exec: I don’t think Option A is quite right – please find something similar.

Arrow 12

2 weeks before filming

Researcher: Here is something similar to, but not as good as, Option A.

Exec: It looks a bit like a poor imitation of Option A. I’ll just have to show the commissioner Option A.

Arrow 10

1.5 weeks before filming

Exec: The commissioner liked Option A. Have we booked it?

Researcher: Um, no. I can call them now.

Arrow 11

1.3 weeks before filming

Researcher: I’m afraid Option A isn’t available for our dates anymore.

Exec: Have we offered them more money?

Researcher: They have something else already booked then.

Exec: Why didn’t we confirm them sooner?

Arrow 1

Day before filming

Call Sheet: Please arrive at 06:45 at Option Z.

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(Pic thanks to flickr user Sarah Reid)


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